Sky Street Broadway, New Yor, NY, 2007,

single channel video, 8 min.


*Best Experimental Film Award,

  Brooklyn Arts Council(BAC) 

  Film and Video Festival, 2007


*World Premiere

   at Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York

Tree Shadow World, oil on canvas, 2015




24 Hours of Tree Shadow World, 2015,

single channel video, 1 min.

Walk, 2006, single channel video, 2 min. 14 sec.

Their Hall-Way, 2010,

single channel video, 3 min. 31 sec.

Gesture, 2006, single channel video


Another Winter, 2007, Single Channel Video, 3 min.

Knock to the Word Under Our Foot, 2002,

Single Channel Video, 3 min.   

Castoff Cello, 2003, motor, cello, wire/ intallation

Chopin's Impromptu without White Keys , 2002,

white board, piano/ installation, performance

Metronome Conductor, 2001, single channel video